Valley Brook Community Center Is Coming!

Move In

We are ready to move!!!

We have been anticipating this for a year!  The plan is for the Valley Brook Community Center to arrive on site Tuesday, June 27.

The mobile home will be moved from Sand Springs to Valley Brook located on 91st street between Frankoma road and Highway 97.

Here is what is needed and how you can help!

Monday, June 27

  • Remove deck and move to Valley Brook
  • Remove skirting
  • Needs: Trailer to haul deck; group to take decking apart and move it; group to remove skirting

Tuesday, June 27

  • Community Center to be moved

Wednesday, June 28/Thursday, June 29/Friday, June 29, Saturday, June 30

  • Plumbing/Electric hooked up
  • Needs: Licensed electrician to hook up electric; Plumber to hook up plumbing; Group to help install skirting; Individual/Group to design and add onto deck which would include a ramp.


On-going: We are looking for a team of 4-5 people willing to take a week to mow the property.  If interested, please contact Pastor Mike at


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