Celebrating the Wins in 2015

It has been an incredible inaugural year for Mobile Missions Network!  The Lord is orchestrating a great movement throughout Creek and Tulsa Counties.

Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they can paint a picture of what God is doing, so here is a snapshot of the year in review:

  • Salvations: 15
  • Communities with a weekly church service: 3
  • Communities actively serving in: 7
  • Weekly Volunteers: 26
  • Residents in the communities who volunteer: 8
  • Number of individuals who have served with Mobile Missions Network in 2015: 80
  • Number of Churches that have helped in 2015: 9
  • Number of kids/adults ministered to on Sunday nights in the communities: 42
  • Summer Power Camp Attendees: 56
  • Families helped with Thanksgiving: 14
  • Families helped with Christmas in partnership with Foundation Church: 33
  • 3 Easter Egg Hunts
  • 3 Halloween parties

Here are some numbers from Tim and Terri Ferguson who serve as Community Coordinators at Shannon Valley that give you a specific idea of what happened in their community:

  • Around 300 hot dogs served
  • 100 slices of pizza
  • 20lbs of candy and goodies
  • 100 scoops of ice cream
  • 500 flyers and handouts
  • 1 field trip to braums
  • 20 bibles placed in the hands of new or young believers
  • 3 park management changes
  • 4 tired Fergies
  • 1 Glorified God!

We praise God for all that He is doing and I am so thankful for the many who have given their time and resources to get Mobile Missions Network off the ground.

If you are interested in serving with Mobile Missions Network in 2016, we will be having an informational meeting on Thursday, January 14 at 7 p.m.  More details are coming. Contact me at 918-557-1558 if you plan on attending.

Mike Lehew                                                                                                          Executive Director

*Update on purchasing trailers: we have had a temporary setback in purchasing homes to be used as community centers/churches.  Please pray that we can find homes quickly.


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