Testimony of Being Salt and Light


I was really apprehensive about doing Mobile Missions. I mean it’s one thing to go for a week and share and then go home without another thought. Honestly I had to change my mindset about missions and what God calls us to be and do!!
Go means Go! Not once in awhile, not when I feel like it, but wherever and whenever I happen to be- I’m to be in the Spirit and share the love of Christ, in words, in actions, sometimes it’s as simple as a smile and looking at someone in the eye.
I have found such joy in going to Valley Brook and being with the kids there. I’ve come to love them deeply and want them to know Jesus. I’ve been able to meet adults and pray over them and with them. God has blessed our obedience and continues to bless. I have parents now who call me for prayer and ask that our church would be praying also. It’s a beautiful thing because when I ask, my church, Foundation Church prays and asks me for updates! That is what we as a church are called to do so I thank you for walking this journey with me.
Most importantly there is light and salt in the community. Some was already there, but what happens when you turn another light on? Exactly- it’s brighter! That’s my prayer and hope for our community, that it would shine brighter and brighter- that love would be abundant and more souls will be won for Christ- snatched right out of Satan’s grasp. Because once my Jesus has them in His- they are free and will have eternal life in the presence of God and King Jesus!
Pray for us as there are times I’m weary and discouraged- pray for those times- pray God will always be glorified!  Thank you for your prayers, your time, & your finances! God is honoring all and He is at work at Valley Brook!

Holly Elkins, Community Coordinator


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